The Italian Job: Herby Nuts & Seeds Mix

By Snacked

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  • About the Product

    Snacked's Italian Job Trail Mix, is perfect for someone looking for something subtle. This snack is a mix of nuts and seeds with a herby and garlicy undertone.

    What's so Healthy About It ? 

    BALANCE: This superfood mix comprises of nutrients and antioxidants in perfect balance to keep you healthy and nourished inside out. 

    Raisins: Great source of Fibre & Iron     | Peanuts: High in Biotin. Great for skin and Hair. | Sunflower Seeds: high source of Vit E. Excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

    When to eat this?

    Enjoy this Herby mix as an in-between meal snack or as an on-the-go snack for everyday adventures. A stand-up, resealable bag helps ensure maximum freshness, all the way down to the last handful.

    Net Wt: 125g 

    About the Brand

    Our goal at Snacked is simple: to make you feel good about snacking. We want to make eating a satisfying part of your life with an appealing treat that you know is right for you. We source the best ingredients and make sure you get the tastiest-healthiest and highest quality snacks. Go ahead and enjoy this trail mix, guilt free !

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