Why Snacked is good for you

Junk vs Healthy

Never underestimate the positive difference you can make to your diet by swapping something naughty for something nutritious. Swapping out the nasties like samosas, vada paos and brownies with one of the 250+ Snacks we offer helps you gain health benefits while satisfying the cravings.

Over 250+ delicious Munchies

With over 250 snacks to choose from - (with each snack having a healthy benefit) - All this variety means you get to eat lots of different foods and enjoy a mixture of macro and micro nutrients such as fibre, antioxidants and vitamin rich foods. Examples of fiber rich foods such as nuts, seeds and fruit helps keep your digestive system in tune. Look out for almonds, which have the highest amount of fibre, the super snacks of all the snacks. Pecans, blueberries, cranberries and dark chocolates are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants help in strengthening your immune system, supporting thyroid function and keeping your hair and nails looking good.

The 80/20 Rule

Be good 80% of the time and treat yourself the other 20% of the time. We use the 80/20 rule as a healthy rule of thumb when making our boxes. We think that this works well as an ethos for healthy eating, so we try to apply it to every box we send you. Inside your box you’ll find healthy treats, wholesome snacks and some creations, which combine health and fun (think fudge!). This gives you a healthy balance and a selection of snacks you are going to love eating.

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