About Us

The Genuine Reason

"We started Snacked.in with a single mission - Healthy snacking needs to be EASY! We believe that healthy eating is not only about the taste buds and the waistline; its about a lifestyle choice that each and every one of us has the right to make.

We have both studied and lived out of India for a few years, and appreciate that it's so easy to make healthier choices out, whether you're in London or Chicago, lack of options was never even a factor!

So then why should we, Indian consumers, be at the mercy of 'months old packed' namkeens, roadside fried food vendors 'with their reused oil', the chaiwalla with his '3 spoons per cup' tea or the office canteen that seems to only stock samosa or glucose biscuits and nothing in between.

Whatever your reason maybe - health, weight loss, lifestyle choice, experimenting new foods or even just bored munching while you binge watch your favorite TV show - we hope that we at Snacked.in can help you with Healthier (Happier) Snacking, We hope you enjoy our selection of over 250+ snacks, we know we do!"

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